Nostalgia, memories, & tangible music

A convo embracing our love for the CD.  REvisit the time capsule of the Compact Disc with sounds by AQ + WIFIOG + a show and tell (and optional swap) with your CD collection.  Up and coming clothing vendors and natural juice from Mobile Kitchen  will line AllinOne Collective's Park Slope loft space for an evening to relive our nostalgia for CDs and our favorite music from the 90's- early 2000's.

"With a monthly streaming subscription, or even the likes of iTunes, we are paying for a licence to listen to the music, not ownership of the music itself. What if the music we hold dear and listen to every day suddenly disappears? Or, worse, what if in 15 years’ time, the streaming services fold altogether? We will be bereft, and our Songs to Cry To playlist will be inaccessible. In a drawer under the bed, however, your trusty copy of Now 33 will always be waiting. They’re ugly and can clog up your cupboards but just like vinyl spun back into fashion, the compact disc could too.” 
words by WiFiOG

special thanks to all involved.